Thursday, June 5, 2014

What happens next? I am clueless!

I got reminded of a short story from childhood, since I believe it is anonymous, tweaked a little to make it more relevant to the context.
Just like all the stories, this one started long, long ago there was a beautiful video titled “Grand Saga” which awed every internet literate and social media user with its amazing storyline, soothing background music, finely crafted CGI and Impeccable acting stood out in every fame. It was considered one of the wonders that ever existed on YouTube and it reached a billion hits in less than a month. Everyone who worked on it became rich and famous. Its director was conferred honorary academy award, assistant directors invited to replace big ticket directors in high budget films. It reached a high that even a statue which appears only in one shot of the movie is made to play a lead role in a Hollywood action flick. It inspired everyone like a daily EpidemicallyUninspiringInspirationalQuote on my friends Facebook wall. Every wannabe director dreamt of making a video like that, half of them started off with the idea of making another one. Some of them like SmartDevelopers made copies of that and changed the titles and re-uploaded the same video. Within no time the number of copies of the video and its replica videos crossed the number of hits on the original video.
As it is often said, only change is constant. Netizens got bored of these, found another interesting subject within no time, every one moved on to their NewIsAlwaysWow habit. All the characters and technicians who remained in the fizz created by the video started to feel the bubbles popping out slowly. VultureWaitingForCorpse media house soon entered the scene to ‘grab’ opportunity, made a documentary in their series AllWeCareAboutIsTRPsEthicsCanGoToHell on “50 Great Mistakes of Grand Saga”  highlighting the goof ups in the story line which was once considered as next only to Godfather plot, blurred pixels in long shot frames otherwise comparable to Avatar CGI. If you are determined to find bugs, who in this world can produce a defect free code? After all, God could not escape a bug when he hit the Y key on the last chromosome field trying to shoo away the fly from his keyboard.
It was down the wire and all imitation copies were being viewed more than the original one, now that everyone can make a movie at fairly lower costs, given that there is abundance of supply of manpower and SearchEngineLearnEverythingYouDontNeedBecuaseWeKnowWhatYouDidWhenYouWereStillAnEmbryo. All the leftover junkies who missed their chances when they had offers and now repenting thought there is only one way and decided to persuade the director to rescue them. After all it was his creation and his people, he felt sorry for them and realized it was they who made this happen and he should never let them down. He grabbed his megaphone again, dusted his director’s hat which was resting on Madame Tussad’s wax statue of the director.
As soon as he started making another video, one of the members of the crew fell sick and had to leave the sets before it was called pack-up. NotoriousReporterWeAreMoreCorruptThanYouCanEvenDreamOf saw someone leaving the studio before it was called a day, approached him for a casual chat recovered key information that he was actually hit by another co-star of the team by mistake causing him a mild concussion. He soon called up his studio to cut the teaser on “Big Fight” at the “Another Grand Saga” sets. Soon rest of the media houses like AfterTomorrowWeAreTotallyBrainless gathered around the studio and started making 30 minute programs on the failures at 20 minute video.
Neither the crew, nor the director or even the reporter had any clue on what would have happened or what is happening. Director wanting to salvage the situation put an iron curtain around the sets, no one talks to anyone outside or inside the sets. No one has an authority to question, you have to take permission from the senior most crew members to even attend a nature’s call. You cannot smile unless it is a smiling shot, you cannot be serious unless it is a serious situation; all the way you have to have an expression less face throughout the day. Frustration grew like USD value against INR during DumpaRegimeYouNeverKnowWhatHappened and every started to leave to the other sets. Competing video makers got benefitted by the senior actors who joined them, junior actors who did nothing but made merry during the hay days got benefitted with calls to other video makers, media houses  earned a lot of TRPs for their programs.
 Well it fairly seems to be ALLWIN situation here.Who are the losers then?

Who should answer this question?

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